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Description of Angry Kiptan The time has come to take out the regrets of your heart. Come and purify the country with Imran Khan. Angry Kiptan is another amazing game that will blow your mind away. An extreme fun with extreme joy of the political scenario in Pakistan. You will feel so satisfied after knocking out the corrupt political game players. Imran Khan is the hero. The targets are Nawaz Sharif, Asfi Zardari, Shahbaz Sharif and other opposition leaders etc. Muslim League (N), Peoples Party and MQM are the elements which are causing disorder in the county and its time for PTI, Imran Khan to come up with the substantial Stance.! Let's go with Imran★ PTI Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is on the voyage to knock down PML N and all its allies.★ Angry Kiptan is an awesome game which will take you out of container stuff for a while to play the Greater experience.★ The Game is being played on the streets of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad and Sialkot and all around Pakistan. ★ Typical Desi Game, made in Pakistan and made by Pakistan, purely for Pakistani People. Naeem-ul-Haq, Dr Israr Shah, Faisal Javed Khan★★★★★ OPPONENTS ★★★★★ Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Zardari, Khursid Shah and other PML N Let's go with Imran!★ 10 Amazing Levels, out of which 5 are space levels. Lets get up for Pakistan and make the world realize that we can stand for our beloved country. Pakistan is our part of our soul and we can sacrifice anything to keep it rise and shine one the map of the world. So enjoy this Pakistani game. PTI Pakistan is a rising star in the sky of future. Imran Khan is one of the capable Pakistani who has potential to represent nation. In Pakistan there is one ingredient missing and that is education and Imran Khan from the platform of PTI can come up with phenomenal change carrying light of literacy and social and economic development in Pakistan. Angry Kiptan has become Pakistan's best game, so you can be proud to play a pure Pakistani game. Imran Khan will soon be the sign of positive revolution and will be one of the major causes of turning Pakistan into a developed nation and every Pakistani will feel proud to be Pakistani. The purpose of the game is to keep us motivated against the political evils ruling us and it is our responsibility to keep our lovely Pakistan safe because it is our social responsibility to serve the country and PTI gives us the platform. PTI zindaba. Imran Khan has broadened the perspective and vision of the people of KPK and Pakistan to contribute in the best manner in the development, educational, economic and financial growth of the country. Where as Nawas Sharief have yet to establish the mendate regarding these important sockets to be improved. Imran Khan and PTI is the only hope that can possibly become the true representation of the patriotic and educated Pakistani. We love our country and we believe that Imran Khan is the one who can help us to make our dreams come true. We want to see Pakistan developed, literate and most civilized in the whole world and PTI is the only hope so its time for you Imran Khan to put the nation on the right track. We love to see you on the container to raise your voice to litrate the people to stand for their rightful right. We are with you Imran Khan. Now in 2016 there are more new challenges ahead for Imran Khan as well as for PTI, the case of Panama Leaks is hot and all the culprits must be taken to their final destiny after accountability so, what are you waiting for, join PTI and be Support Imran Khan for the best cause. Like us @rummy app www.facebook.com/g4gamez

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